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Cafe "Teatro"

"Teatro" is a cafe located in the Central district of the city of St. Petersburg. The room consists of a large hall for 50 people and a small VIP area, which is located on a one and a half meter podium. The seating arrangement is thought out in such a way as to keep the guests feeling intimacy, no matter how many people are at that moment in the restaurant.

The vaulted ceilings create a warm and slightly languid atmosphere. The interior is decorated with taste and no frills: light walls, soft, comfortable sofas, dark tables and chairs decorated with chrysanthemum patterns. Large windows overlook the Theater Square and the Mariinsky Theatre.

The menu at Teatro Cafe takes the best from two culinary schools - Russian and European, which have been transformed into something completely new using modern cooking techniques. By presenting a ticket to the Mariinsky Theater, you can get a nice bonus from the restaurant - a 10% discount on the menu. map.

Address: Glinka street, 2, St. Petersburg
Average bill is 1000-1500 RUR.